Thursday, July 30, 2009

Why Whispers?

My Mum asked me something interesting the other day. She asked if I was ever surprised that out of all the things I've written the first thing of mine to be published and sold overseas is a short story less then 30 pages long. It is a little weird. I've written a 1,000 page long novel. It took me over five years and went through about four rewrites and is destined for another complete rewrite. The book is called Eternal Sacrifice and has two stories; the doomed romance of Poseidon and his mortal soul mate Cleito and the life of their son, Dylan, who is sent into hiding from Zeus and is raised to believe he is mortal. I am going to rewrite the whole thing AGAIN because ever since writing half a dozen short stories the "world" my stories exist in has developed and changed and I want to put those changes into Eternal Sacrifice. Plus, I've grown as a writer, and know I can finally put the finishing touches on Eternal. It is a little weird to think that a project I spent five years working on is gathering dust on my hard drive while a short story that took me three months to write and on sale around the world. AND IN BARNES AND NOBLE! One of the biggest bookstore chains in America! Hell, it may not be for sale in print, but its a start, right? And e-books are the future. Yep...I wouldn't be surprised by the time I'm an old, old woman everyone will be reading books on kindles the size of datapads from star trek.

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