Monday, July 6, 2009

A Writer Among Registration Assistants

Yesterday was an interesting day. I rang ECU and found out that there was no way I could do the unit I had enrolled in externally which meant that I had to somehow find a way to do it during working hours. So I scuttled into my boss's lair and told him the problem then spent the next few hours anxiously waiting to hear what would happen. Turns out I don't qualify for study leave because I'm just on contract but I am allowed to go to class every Monday I just have to use five hours of flex time. I'm glad I have three weeks before I start that gives me time to frantically build up my flex as high as I can giving me a nice pillow of time to fall back on. If I can keep my flex above a minium of two hours I should be able to stay afloat if I'm using five hours a week to go to class. My boss had to tell all the girls in my team that they wouldn't be allowed to take a flex on Mondays for the rest of the year because of me. Ohh, nelly, that was a fun meeting. When he first told them the girls all got a look on their faces like they wanted to beat me to death. LOL. They agreed to it though. Freakin' university. Life would've been so much simpler if I could have gone external, but ooh noooo I have to go to workshops. Ah, well. At least its all sorted out for now. My team joked that if they had any difficult letters to write they will give it to me. Hehe.

I'm looking forward to doing my writing course. I'm glad everything worked out. As I told my friend on the phone, I really wanted to make it work. I don't want to be one of those people who wake up one day full of regret that they didn't do a whole bunch of things when they were young. I've wanted to go to university for sooooo long I wasn't going to sit back and not make this work.

For the longest time I've always thought that university styled writing courses were pointless. You DO NOT need to do one to become an author. I learnt how to write creatively and the ins and out of publishing by myself through books and websites. I don't know if my course will get me a good job one day...and I don't care. I've studied heaps of things over the years that I've not be interested in or been only partially interested in. I did those courses to find work. Its so refreshing to be able to study something I'm passionate about for once. If it helps me get a good job...great...if it doesn't well I'm sure its gonna be fun ride.

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