Friday, April 24, 2009

Whoo Hoo!!

Romancing The Blog has linked my blog!! I applied there months and months ago. I totally forgot about it. I'm very happy. Hehe. Its a long weekend this week. The shops are going to be shut because its Anzac day in Australia. I'm going to try and get a decent amount of writing done. I'm hoping I might be able to convince Mum to take me up the video store to see if I can pick up a copy of Twlight on DVD to give myself something interesting to watch on television while I work. The shop might be open. Its either get a copy there or spend twenty mintues staring at my collection at dvds trying to decide what I feel like watching. I'm determined to finish the Echo vs Narcissus fight this weekend and either start or get halfway through the Pan vs Echo and Narcissus fight. If I can do that it won't be that much more until the end. Then I'll have to find the time to edit the whole damn thing. I'll be so glad when its done. Then I can start my non-greek god soul mate story. *rubs hands together in excitement*

I don't know why....

But for some reason DarkEmotionz online has been linking to each of my posts to which I say....yay? I sorta stumbled across it. The closer the date of Whisper's release comes the more nervous I'm coming. I don't expect to make much (if at all) money. I'm excited at the prospect of typing my name into search engines and having my e-book pop up on online bookstores. And I'm nervous as hell at the idea of lots and lots of people reading Whispers in the Dark. I know not everyone is going to like it. Some will hate it. I've read nasty reviews. I've always known that it would have to be something I'll have to deal with one day. There's no avoiding it. Some people will love my story, but others will hate it. Just a fact. I'm one of those writers that craves opinions. I LOVE to find out what people think of my writing. I want to know what was their favourite bit, which character they liked, etc...etc.... everytime I get my parents to read my stories I always drive them nuts with the questions I ask: 'Yes, I know you liked it, but tell me WHAT EXACTLY did you like about it?"

Mum told me how one of the women she works with is going to download my story onto her ipod and read it on the train. Fuck. Having so many people read my story is like standing naked in the middle of a room and shouting "JUDGE ME!" to everyone. Writing is such an isolating profession. You can only do it alone in a room with nothing but a laptop and the voices in your brain for company. Getting published is the complete opposite. Its about exposure. Its both good and bad. Its going to be an interesting experience either way. I'm hopeful that Whispers in the Dark will be successful. It has a very good front cover so I'm crossing my fingers that will attract readers. Not long now!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

It dawned on me recently...

I haven't been doing my website of the month lately. LOL. Ah, well. I should've known it was a dumb idea. I knew I would forget about it. My writing has been going slow lately. I can't wait until I finish Echoes in the Wind. I'm really looking forward to writing a non-greek god soul mate story. Its going to be great to do something different. I've had so many cool ideas about gods from other cultures for years now. The only irritating thing about doing a fantasy Japanese period piece is I'm going to have to do more then the average amount of research for a short story. When it comes to planning a book I'll do the normal amount of world building...I'll write character bios and plot patience for planning only goes so far. If I plan for too long I get overwhelmed with how difficult PLANNING the book is and end up putting the whole thing off. When a book is different to plan you know its gonna be a bitch to actually write. I've been planning the Seven Virtues for about five years now and still haven't finished the outline for book one or even know how the series is going to end. When a series takes almost a decade to peice together in my head its a sign its gonna be a colossal effort to put into words. I haven't decided on what my next project is going to be other then a non-greek god soul mate story. I want to pick something that will be quick and simple with little world building required. I knew Echoes in the Wind would be a long, tough project. Thank God I'm almost near the end. I'm aiming it towards Samhain Publishing. I've got a good feeling about it. I love Echo and Narcissus as a couple. They are going to look so cool on a front cover one day....sleek, exotic Echo, with her black skin and green hair and muscular, arrogant Narcissus, with his blue and white hair and eyes that change colour.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Echoes Update

I haven't gotten much writing done in the past month and a half. I've been very distracted. And I sorta lost my inspiration. I became bored with writing. Writing CAN be very boring sometimes. There are days when locking myself in my room for eight hours does not appeal to me. That's why I have so many dvds. I'm more inclined to sit on my butt for that long if I have something interesting to watch on the television while I'm writing. I did about a page today which is more then I've done in a long, long time. I think I'm bored of my current project and the Greek Gods in general. Since I'm right at the end of Echoes in the Wind, I am going to struggle through to the finish line, then I'm going to take a break from the Greeks and experiment with writing a Soul Mate story involving other Gods and Goddesses. I have an idea for a Japanese Soul Mate story called Soul Reflection. I came up with the title right away which is usually a good sign. I would also like to write my own spin on the Tristian and Isolde myth from British mythologly because those two are definately soul mates! I'm hoping that a brief break from Greek mythologly will get me interested in my stories again. I've been dying to experiment with gods from other religions for a while espically the Japanese ones. China also has some interesting gods. I would like to do as many different Soul Mate stories as I can. I also want to do non-soul mate stories both ones based on myths and original stories involving gods as well. I would like to rewrite a Hercules myth. I think I would like my next project to be a little one. Echoes in the Wind has just breeched 13,000 words and it has exhausted me. I don't think I have another novella in me after that one for a while. I'll pump out a couple more shorts then will start the rewrite of Eternal Sacrifice.

24 Days until Whispers in the Dark is released!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Whispers in the Dark front cover!!

I know, I know, I haven't posted in a while. I've been busy over the past couple of months. I got a full time office job so I haven't had much time to write! I wanted to post a message this morning. The front cover for Whispers in the Dark has been released!! Isn't it amazing? Its a hundred times better then I thought it would look. I'm in love with it. Psyche is beautiful and just how I pictured her and Eros has this look on his face like she's the most precious thing in the world which as HIS soul mate she is to him! I printed a copy off and was staring at it on the bus and noticed a few things I didn't spot at first. Psyche has long black hair that goes past her chin down to her hand which I like and you can see Eros's hand resting on her shoulder. He he. Its amazing. Just 26 days until it comes out!! Whoopie!