Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I started watching season one of Dexter this week. I'd been meaning to watch it for a long time and finally decided to give it a go because I was bored of watching star trek voyager reruns. Dexter is a really interesting show because the main character, Dexter, is a serial killer who channels his urge to kill into attacking bad guys. Dexter is an anti-hero. I really like these two of characters. They're not good, or bad, they're in the middle. Traits of both. I like them because they are realistic. Everyone has a hero and a villian in them. No one is one or the other. Dexter is a fascinating character because he has a wicked, evil side, but he's also a good man. He is vicious and violent, but he can also be brave and kind. He has a warped code of honor that he lives by. Its intriguing to watch him. He's really well written. He's the type of character that readers are unsure if they want to root for or hoot when he meets his demise. He does some terrible things to people...but they are not innocent...so you've left wondering is he a monster or an avenging angel? I like to make my villians like Dexter. I want people to feel sorry for him, to pity them, to want them to find happiness, because no one is truly evil. A truly good villian thinks of themselves as a the good day. That's what Dexter thinks of himself.

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