Thursday, March 19, 2015

Will Negan be uncensored on the Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead TV show has almost caught up to the comic books and everyone is asking is Negan going to appear and is he going to be censored? In the comic books Negan is a man who carries around a baseball bat covered in barbed wire and he swears a lot. Every second word is fuck. This is apparently fine in the comics which everyone knows are for adults - but in the TV show (also for adults) if he does appear its pretty much a given that he is going to be as violent and crazy as he is in the comics but the swearing will probably be gone. And the question is why?

Why is violence allowed on TV but not a character who swears like a child? In the Walking Dead TV show we have seen people get horribly ripped apart and a child shot in the back of the head - and that is okay, apparently, but swearing isn't? Why are swear words so taboo? there is a scene in the show when Rick says "They're messing with the wrong people" but in the book he says "They're fucking with the wrong people" I find it bewildering and amusing that as a society we're fine with horror violence but sex? boobs? swearing? God no! That's taking it too far. But seeing a man wince while zombies feast on his insides? Fine, mate. After all. This show is for adults.

I can understand censoring a show for children but I don't understand why we censor shows for adults. Are adults not allowed to swear? are we not allowed to hear someone swearing? Why? They are just words. Back when I was watching Breaking Bad there was a scene where someone had written fuck on a bit of paper and the word was blurred out! Why!?! In Breaking Bad of all shows? Melting bodies in a bathtub is fine but God forbid someone writes fuck on a bit of paper. That's taking it too far, man.

I hope Negan does appear because he is a great character and a great villain but I hope he is not censored. That is never going to happen though which is frustratingly stupid.