Sunday, February 23, 2014

My cat would make a great character in a children's book

A couple of months back we got our first pet a cat called Felix. I was afraid we were rushing into things and that we might be making a mistake and get an "asshole" cat which is a cat that doesn't like to be cuddled and will only make an appearance when he wants food. We ended up with Felix - and what a bundle of character he is. He gives me so much enjoyment. He is so full of personality. He is an indoor cat because we live on a busy road but that doesn't stop him from finding things to get up to inside the house. He often sprints from the front of the house to the back doing big leaps over anything in his way and squeezing himself through gaps in doors. We have no idea what he is chasing it could be cars, birds, or his own reflection.

The weirdest thing about him is how is unafraid of water. He will follow us into the bathroom and hide in the corner under some towels while one of us will shower. He is fascinated by water. He has started trying to "catch" droplets that roll down the side of the glass shower stall. It is the most cutest thing ever. Imagine a cat frantically pawing at a sheet of glass as droplets of water roll down it. Then the drops hit the tiles and form a puddle and he will slap his paw on the tile in an effort to catch the drop.

We keep a bucket in the shower to collect spare water to put on our garden. Quite often we'll walk past the bathroom and there will be Felix with his head in the bucket staring at his reflection or dipping his paw in the water or taking a drink. He is also fascinated with the drain hole. He pulls it out with his paw and stares down the dark drain at we have no idea what and then will wander away.

When we do our washing we are lazy. Instead of hanging it up outside, we hang it up inside, in the back room on a set of clothes horses. Felix loves it when we do this because he burrows into the clothes and likes to hide in there. Often we'll come into the room and will see a bushy tail sticking out from the clothes or his head poking out. He gets quite excited when we put the clothes up. His eyes will twinkle and he'll sometimes pull down a sock or a pair of underpants and snuggle up to it and fall asleep. He also likes to fight with us when we try to take the clothes away. He'll grab a pants leg and hold onto it - no! no! don't take apart my cubby house!

Felix is unusually affectionate for a cat. When he is bored he will wander around the house and call out for us. He loves crawling onto laps and falling asleep or flopping down next to you and snuggling up against the side of a leg. The funny thing is he will do this to people he barely knows. He is a cuddle whore! Just met? Hug me, hold me, tug at my fur...

He is a very social animal and will often sit in the middle of a room full of people just so he can see what is going on. My parents cats are very skittish. When they have people over you'll often find them in the linen cupboard, under a table, or asleep on a couch in the back room. But never, ever, in the thick of things!

I think Felix is going to be a great cat to have around a baby. We are going to have a difficult phase when he learns to stay out of the baby's room but we are going to deal with it. He'll learn his place and in time will be coming up to our toddler demanding a cuddle.