Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Man, I'm Bad

God, I haven't posted in this blog for a long time, have I? Sorry!! Its been a busy couple of months. I have an important update this morning: I have finished Echoes in the Wind, the project I have been working on for the past 13 months. It clocked in at 30,497 words and 106 pages long which is awesome because that means it is a decent length. When it gets published it will hopefully, I'm crossing my fingers, be sold for above $5 a pop. LOL. Ah, the joys of writing. Months and months of hard work....only for the stories to be sold for a couple of bucks. Ah well. Its about the joys of getting published and marketing and getting a front cover and exposure. You know what's funny? I got the idea for Whispers and Echoes at the same time. Not only did I manage to write and edit Whispers before I even started Echoes, I got it PUBLISHED as well. That's how long Echoes has taken me. I'm very proud with Echoes in the Wind. Its my first unhappily ever after. I think its a very good little novella. I have big plans for the marketing.

As for future projects, I am torn between rewriting an old story called Deep Embrace (I want to update it to mesh with my other projects and give the heroine a make over) and doing a Japanese soul mate story (something I've wanted to do for a long time) at the moment I am in the limbo phase between projects where I find myself with an unnatural amount of free time. Its good in a way. I can go out to pubs, go for a swim, visit family, or just vege out on the couch with my boyfriend without feeling stressed or guilty that I'm not writing. I've gotta say, Echoes in the Wind was a frigging BITCH to write. It was like giving birth to a watermellon. It had so many fight scenes and emotional scenes....I knew it would be hard to write, but I never knew it would take me that long or drive me so insane. I got struck with writers block so many times I would spend weeks, yes WEEKS, on a single paragraph sometimes. So when it gets published and you read it think of all of the blood, sweat and tears that when into the paragraphs you take two seconds to read, kay? LOL

I'm going shopping today cause I have a day off (one of my last for a long time. After university starts again I can only have a day off once every six weeks. Sigh) after I come home from shopping I am going to begin work on the query letter for Echoes and maybe take a crack at the synopssis (God I hate writing those things)

As for my goals for this year, I want to get out of my low-paying, dead-end, I'm-going-insane-there-office job, lose five kilos, go to Japan, publish Echoes and finish another project. I will try to remember to update this blog more. Hopefully, my next project will not drive me so nuts. Man, I was so stressed towards the end of Echoes. Being a full time office worker and a university student makes it hard to find the time!! At least now that its done when university starts up again it won't matter if I have little time to work on my new project cause it will be new. After 13 months of hard work, you just wanna finish, you know?

Thank God its over with!! I love ya, Echoes in the Wind!! But you were a bitch.

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