Monday, July 27, 2009

First Day of Classes!

I had my first university class yesterday. It was exciting, interesting, and different then what I thought it would be. I imagined the entire class to be filled with writers like me. Instead, I got the impression it was mostly filled with hobbyists, wanna-be-writers, bloggers, and people who don't really share that much of an interest in writing but are there for other reasons. I'm sure there are a few of them who want to get published and make a career out of it. I just had trouble picking them out of the crowd. Not that it matters to me if hardly any of them want to get published. I'm so shy it just makes it easier for me to strike up a conversation if I know the other person is a writer like me. I did meet one nice lady who wants to write humor novels. I hope I make some friends. After the lecture, we went into the workshop and read some poems and did a writing exercise. When we were reading the poem I thought we would discuss the construction of the poem, the clarity of the images, etc. Instead, we discussed the author behind it. I kept waiting for someone to put their hand up and comment on the poem itself. Hopefully, we'll get to that sort of thing eventually. Once we start talking about characters, plot and point of view, I might be able to gather the courage to put my hand up and make a comment. I know more things about that then poems. I'm looking forward to going back next Monday. I just hope that I will be able to get over my shyness and make a couple of friends. Even if the vast majority of the people in my class might not be true writers, they still have an interest in writing, which is something at least. And I'm sure there are a couple of them who are either published, or want to be. I just have to ferret them out. When I got back to work I was so sleeply I almost fell asleep at my desk. I don't know why, though. I wasn't sleepy at university. I think its just the work I'm doing at the moment. I'm doing vertifiying which is data entry. Trying to decipher people's hand writing gave me a splitting headache.

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