Friday, May 29, 2009

Whispers reviewed at Fang-Tastic Books!!

Whispers in the Dark has been reviewed at Fang-Tastic books!! I stumbled across the review while surfing the net for updates on my book:

Whispers in the Dark by Marisa Quinn
Eternal Press
May 2009
6000 words
paranormal romanceebook
3 fangs

The Greek god Eros knows his soulmate Psyche has been born and longs to be with her. However, his mother Aphrodite seeks to destroy Psyche because she doesn't want her son to leave her alone. This sweet retelling of the myth of Eros and Psyche provides additional insight into Aphrodite's own psyche as she has to decide between loneliness and losing Eros.

Such a nice little review! I was so happy to find it. I haven't done as much marketing as I thought I would this past month. In my defence, I've had a pretty crappy past few weeks. I've been too distracted (and under too much stress) to market. One word: DATING. Ah, if only soul mates really would make life so much simpler!

I'm going to try and market Whispers in the Dark alot more and that means attempting to get lots of reviews and interviews! So this morning I set up an author page at Manic Readers:

and I requested to be reviwed by them. I'm also considering paying money to have my front cover displayed on a website. I'm happy to annouce that Whispers in the Dark continues to pop up on more and more online book stores. I found it on the website Libresco where it is being sold in British pounds!!! wow!!!

It is also available on


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