Thursday, May 7, 2009

Whispers in the Dark has been released!!

The day has finally arrived. Whispers in the Dark, my first published work, has been released. I am so excited I do not know how I am going to sleep tonight. I did not expect it to be out until tomorrow because of time differences, so I was very surprised to find it had come out today! It is so weird seeing a dollar sign next to one of my stories. I feel like pinching myself. I'm so happy. I'm having a day off from work tomorrow to celebrate. The moment everyone leaves for work I am going to put Whispers in the Dark by Skillet on the CD player in the living room and dance around the house. Then I have to get to work figuring out how to get Whispers reviewed. I was surfing the net before and stumbled acorss Whispers for sale on an online bookstore. THIS IS SO SURREAL. I clicked on the link and you can rate my story! Oh my god! This is so scary. Is this really happening? You can also be put on an email list to be alerted when another one of my titles comes out. Holy shit. I'm an author...

At the moment Whispers in the Dark is available from:

Eternal Press:
and Mobipocket:

I will post more links when I stumble across them. I hope Whispers in the Dark does well. Its one of my favourite myths. Here is the blurb:

Eros, son of Aphrodite, is a Greek god. Every night for the past eighteen years, the moment he fell asleep, a woman with gold-speckled eyes and sinful lips curved in a mysterious smile entered his dreams.

Was she his soul mate…or just a dream?

When Psyche, a mortal living in ancient Greece, heard the sound of Eros whispering to her one night, she thought she was dreaming again. It wasn’t until she opened her eyes and caught a glimpse of the winged god gliding past the moon that she knew she had not imagined it.

“I will come to you in darkness…”

Unable to resist the pounding of his heart, Eros will defy Aphrodite and face the wrath of the gods by engaging in a forbidden love affair with Psyche, an insignificant mortal in their eyes. Eros knows the truth: Psyche is his soul mate. His lover. His destiny.

I will post again the morning. Good luck, Whispers! I hope you sell well!

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