Thursday, January 27, 2011

Should I start a proper website?

I never started a proper website or a facebook fan page when Whispers in the Dark came out in 2009. Whispers was an experiment, a happy accident. I never thought it would be super successful and part of me thought the idea of super promoting such a teeny, teeny ebook was a little bit silly. I felt a bit like a little girl shuffling around in my mum's heels and wearing a large, floppy hat and over sized gloves pretending to be something I was not. I mean, I was published, but Whispers was so small I felt like I could not take it seriously, which is what drove me to write the longer Echoes in the Wind and the even longer Deep Embrace. I feel like I am slowly building up to being able to write 40k project in less than a year which is almost as big as a novel. I'm not a very fast writer. I do a couple of hundred words a day, sometimes even half a page if I'm lucky, I learnt a long time ago not to force myself to be creative because it usually resulted in me stalking away from my computer and chewing my fingernails and sulking. The harder I try to write the more difficult it becomes for me. I don't know how some writers can churn out 80k in a month or even 5k in a day. Maybe one day I'll be able to do it. Its certainly a goal. I think I am a good writer though. I was glossing over the fight scene in Echoes yesterday and was quite pleased with how it read. Its an awesome fight scene. One of my best. The result of hundreds and hundreds of hours of too much science fiction and fantasy television! ;-)

So, back to a website, I did a course on web site building last semister at university. I know how to do it. Maybe I should do it now, while I can still remember the coding, before I forget how to do it. After all, I'm a real author now aren't I? I've written a little novella I can truly be proud of. I've been thinking about switching back to novels for a while. I think I am going to write the last few novellas that are still rattling around in my head first. After Deep Embrace I am going to do IN YOUR FOOTSTEPS a story about a man that visits Hades and pleads for the soul of his dead wife to be released from Hell. Its going to be a sad story but I'm going to have fun creating Tartarous. Oooohhh....the possabilities....

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