Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Evolving Characters

I'm finally at the point in Echoes in the Wind where the huge battle occurs between Echo and Pan. Originally, it was going to be between Pan and Narcissus. Echo was going to be strung from the trees and forced to watch while they did battle. One of the things I love about writing is how plot lines and characters go in different directions from original plans. They 'evolve' and go in a new direction which is right for them. When I first imagined Echo, I pictured her as a peaceful, music-loving, wood nymph. Instead, she turned out to be a brave, strong, independant woman who has suffered alot of crap and won't take it anymore! She is not the type of woman to stand on the sidelines and watch as her soul mate does battle. She would throw her soul mate to the side and fight to protect him. I love how her character has turned out. I wish I could sketch a picture of her but I'm not good at drawing people. I have this vision of her in my head as this dark-skinned slightly muscular woman with waist length bright green hair and beautiful almost glowing green eyes. Exotic. Mysterious. Beautiful. In alot of ways she's a reincarnation of a character I wrote in high school who was also black and green haired called Forest Wind. I can't wait until Echoes in the Wind is finished and I can get some critiques. I'm real curious to hear what people think of Echo. She's my favourite character yet.

I'm excited to annouce that Whispers in the Dark has been reviewed at You Gotta Read Reviews: http://yougottareadreviews.blogspot.com/2009/06/review-whispers-in-dark-by-marisa-quinn.html

Its a very good review! I spotted links to it on several other blogs so I'm very excited!

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