Friday, April 24, 2009

Whoo Hoo!!

Romancing The Blog has linked my blog!! I applied there months and months ago. I totally forgot about it. I'm very happy. Hehe. Its a long weekend this week. The shops are going to be shut because its Anzac day in Australia. I'm going to try and get a decent amount of writing done. I'm hoping I might be able to convince Mum to take me up the video store to see if I can pick up a copy of Twlight on DVD to give myself something interesting to watch on television while I work. The shop might be open. Its either get a copy there or spend twenty mintues staring at my collection at dvds trying to decide what I feel like watching. I'm determined to finish the Echo vs Narcissus fight this weekend and either start or get halfway through the Pan vs Echo and Narcissus fight. If I can do that it won't be that much more until the end. Then I'll have to find the time to edit the whole damn thing. I'll be so glad when its done. Then I can start my non-greek god soul mate story. *rubs hands together in excitement*

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  1. Peekaboo Marisa. Can you please check your email. Your final PDF for Whispers in the Dark is ready and I need you to have a look see. Let me know if everything is ok.
    ceo - Eternal Press