Sunday, April 12, 2009

Echoes Update

I haven't gotten much writing done in the past month and a half. I've been very distracted. And I sorta lost my inspiration. I became bored with writing. Writing CAN be very boring sometimes. There are days when locking myself in my room for eight hours does not appeal to me. That's why I have so many dvds. I'm more inclined to sit on my butt for that long if I have something interesting to watch on the television while I'm writing. I did about a page today which is more then I've done in a long, long time. I think I'm bored of my current project and the Greek Gods in general. Since I'm right at the end of Echoes in the Wind, I am going to struggle through to the finish line, then I'm going to take a break from the Greeks and experiment with writing a Soul Mate story involving other Gods and Goddesses. I have an idea for a Japanese Soul Mate story called Soul Reflection. I came up with the title right away which is usually a good sign. I would also like to write my own spin on the Tristian and Isolde myth from British mythologly because those two are definately soul mates! I'm hoping that a brief break from Greek mythologly will get me interested in my stories again. I've been dying to experiment with gods from other religions for a while espically the Japanese ones. China also has some interesting gods. I would like to do as many different Soul Mate stories as I can. I also want to do non-soul mate stories both ones based on myths and original stories involving gods as well. I would like to rewrite a Hercules myth. I think I would like my next project to be a little one. Echoes in the Wind has just breeched 13,000 words and it has exhausted me. I don't think I have another novella in me after that one for a while. I'll pump out a couple more shorts then will start the rewrite of Eternal Sacrifice.

24 Days until Whispers in the Dark is released!

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