Friday, April 24, 2009

I don't know why....

But for some reason DarkEmotionz online has been linking to each of my posts to which I say....yay? I sorta stumbled across it. The closer the date of Whisper's release comes the more nervous I'm coming. I don't expect to make much (if at all) money. I'm excited at the prospect of typing my name into search engines and having my e-book pop up on online bookstores. And I'm nervous as hell at the idea of lots and lots of people reading Whispers in the Dark. I know not everyone is going to like it. Some will hate it. I've read nasty reviews. I've always known that it would have to be something I'll have to deal with one day. There's no avoiding it. Some people will love my story, but others will hate it. Just a fact. I'm one of those writers that craves opinions. I LOVE to find out what people think of my writing. I want to know what was their favourite bit, which character they liked, etc...etc.... everytime I get my parents to read my stories I always drive them nuts with the questions I ask: 'Yes, I know you liked it, but tell me WHAT EXACTLY did you like about it?"

Mum told me how one of the women she works with is going to download my story onto her ipod and read it on the train. Fuck. Having so many people read my story is like standing naked in the middle of a room and shouting "JUDGE ME!" to everyone. Writing is such an isolating profession. You can only do it alone in a room with nothing but a laptop and the voices in your brain for company. Getting published is the complete opposite. Its about exposure. Its both good and bad. Its going to be an interesting experience either way. I'm hopeful that Whispers in the Dark will be successful. It has a very good front cover so I'm crossing my fingers that will attract readers. Not long now!

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