Thursday, April 23, 2009

It dawned on me recently...

I haven't been doing my website of the month lately. LOL. Ah, well. I should've known it was a dumb idea. I knew I would forget about it. My writing has been going slow lately. I can't wait until I finish Echoes in the Wind. I'm really looking forward to writing a non-greek god soul mate story. Its going to be great to do something different. I've had so many cool ideas about gods from other cultures for years now. The only irritating thing about doing a fantasy Japanese period piece is I'm going to have to do more then the average amount of research for a short story. When it comes to planning a book I'll do the normal amount of world building...I'll write character bios and plot patience for planning only goes so far. If I plan for too long I get overwhelmed with how difficult PLANNING the book is and end up putting the whole thing off. When a book is different to plan you know its gonna be a bitch to actually write. I've been planning the Seven Virtues for about five years now and still haven't finished the outline for book one or even know how the series is going to end. When a series takes almost a decade to peice together in my head its a sign its gonna be a colossal effort to put into words. I haven't decided on what my next project is going to be other then a non-greek god soul mate story. I want to pick something that will be quick and simple with little world building required. I knew Echoes in the Wind would be a long, tough project. Thank God I'm almost near the end. I'm aiming it towards Samhain Publishing. I've got a good feeling about it. I love Echo and Narcissus as a couple. They are going to look so cool on a front cover one day....sleek, exotic Echo, with her black skin and green hair and muscular, arrogant Narcissus, with his blue and white hair and eyes that change colour.

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