Monday, December 22, 2008

Whispers in the Dark is getting published!

Hello. I'm Marisa. This is my first post as an author. I'm 24 years old and have been writing stories almost my entire life. I think the first one I ever wrote was when I was six. It was two pages long and typed out with care on my dad's laptop. It was about talking unicorns. I've been writing novels since I was 12. My first novel was written in coloured texta on blank paper and was about a group of fairies who fought goblins and lived in a castle in the clouds.

After years of work...I've FINALLY sold my first story, Whispers in the Dark. Whispers in the Dark is a short story about Eros, the Greek God of Sexual Desire, who discovers his soul mate is Psyche, a mortal woman who is a descendant of the Gods. It is a rewrite of the greek myth. I love mythologly. As a fantasy writer, the mythologies of the world are like a buffet to me. Everything I could ever want to include in a fantasy story can be found in mythologly. Norse, Greek and Irish are three of the best. They include so many magical creatures. In my current story, Echoes in the Wind, I've included a favourite of mine from Greek myths: the Hamadrayad. A hamadryad is a tree goddess. Picture a tree with the face and arms of a beautiful woman. They are fascinating. I've also included satyrs (fauns) and let me just say mine are not peaceful forest dwellers who dance and get drunk! My satyrs are violent little buggars who hiss like snakes and their eyes turn black when they get mad. They're also the servants of Pan.

Whispers in the Dark is apart of a series of short stories and novels I am writing about gods and goddesses from all over the world struggling to find their soul mates. It is called the Chronicles of the Gods and I'm happy to say Whispers in the Dark is the first story in it to be published. Its not book one, though. Its actually book two. Book one is a story called Deep Embrace. The reason Deep Embrace is book one is because it is set during the early years of the Age of the Titans, long before the birth of Zeus and the Olympians, when Cronus and Rhea ruled, it is set so early, mankind does not exist yet and the world has not developed much animal life.

It was just a fluke that Whispers in the Dark, book two, got published before book one. I'm hopeful that one day it will also get published. But since its been rejected about 8 times it might be time for another rewrite. Whispers in the Dark I am proud to say was rejected only THREE times before getting published.

Let me just I've heard stories of writers getting rejected FIVE HUNDRED TIMES before getting published. Its hard to believe I only got rejected three times. Come on
Part of me is still in shock that Whispers got accepted at all. I guess deep down a part of me wondered if I would ever do it, if I was good enough.

Writing is a private, personal thing, we pour our hearts and souls into our works, so asking people to critique us is alot like standing naked in the middle of a crowded square and shouting "JUDGE ME!" some people are nice and others...are not. Whispers in the Dark got its fair share of nasty, horrible critques, but it also got good ones.

I'm hoping its publication will open the door to the rest of my stories:

Deep Embrace
Tears of a Goddess
Forever in your Arms
Goddess Awakening
and Echoes in the Wind

to getting published one day. I love writing about gods and goddesses. They are beautiful, arrogant, and all powerful. I hope the reason you've come here is because you love my gods and goddesses as well. I will be posting updates here about Whispers in the Dark and the rest of my stories. See ya next time.

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