Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Echoes in the Wind has a front cover!

I got to see the front cover of Echoes in the Wind for the first time today and it blew me away! The model embodies Echo in every possible way. The look on her face is so full of anger, so chilling, it really does scream "I'm going to kick your ass Pan!" It makes me wonder if the artist read the book because there is a scene towards the end when Echo turns around slowly and glares at Pan over her shoulder and this picture looks exactly like that!

Echo is a proud, beautiful, brave, exotic black goddess. When I look at this picture it is like someone cracked open my head, scooped out my brains and put them onto a bit of paper. This picture IS my Echo. From her hair to her eyes to her firm, angry mouth. She is my beautiful, perfect, green haired goddess.

There is so much detail in the cover! I love the large Greek styled lettering for the title, I love the picture of the running man behind the title, I love how the background has Greek letters engraved in stone on it. It is just so awesome! It is moments like this that make writing all worth it. Seeing your characters come alive is just an amazing feeling. Its like giving birth. After months and months of carrying your child and wondering what it will look like you finally get a chance to really see it. Hold it. Smell it.

Now that I have the front cover I can put the finishing touches on my website and launch it very soon. I'm also going to try and begin marketing Echoes in the Wind. My sister is going to be making me a trailer too! It's exciting times ahead!

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