Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Publish America children's author who is also a serial killer

Publish America is back in the news but not for what you might think. One of its children's authors, J.D Bauer, has been revealed to be a man, not a woman, and a serial killer responsible for killing his wife, mistress, his friend and his step daughter.

I originally found out this story on the day of my wedding on gossip news website Gawker and immediately did a search for this guy's book The Trinity of Superkidds: Book One: The Quest for Water.

And found out it had been published by Publish America! The plot thickens! Seriously this story is so fascinating it reads like the plot of a novel. The female author who is really a man who is really a serial killer who was published by one of the biggest scam publishing houses in America. And to make this whole thing even more weird the author donated all the profits of his book to the World Food Programme.

And...and...this is is a good bit...it's been pulled off Amazon.com! The question now is has Publish America actually PULLED a book from publication willingly? Usually they only stop selling books if they fail to make a profit (they offer the author a chance to pay their way out of their contract) or the author can buy their way out of their own contract if they are not happy with Publish America.

One would think Publish America would be absolutely gleeful that one of their authors is not a convicted serial killer. Now that it's in the news people will be searching for this guy and his book online and will be tempted to buy it. Which leads me to suspect if Amazon has taken the moral ground and taken the book down itself. Its possible that someone complained and even asked for it to be taken down.

What makes this story even more strange is that The Trinity of SuperKidds: Book One: The Quest for Water looks like it actually sold really well. The book's official facebook page has over 3,000 friends. The question is though how many of them are actual fans of the book and how many of them just like the page because the author has been revealed to be a convicted killer?

Another question that needs to be asked is how could a man kill four people, put it all behind him, and then move on with his life by bringing out a young adult fantasy book about water pollution? How could he do one evil act but be against something as evil as pollution? The world is a strange place.

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