Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Super 8 *spoilers*

I went and saw the movie Super 8 the other week out of boredom. I had the weekend to myself because the other half was working. I thought I would go into the city and try and hunt down some acceptable wedding shoes. That was pointles. I do not like to wear heels. I find them uncomfortable and I have the balance of a drunk. If the heel is too big I stagger around, roll my ankle, and usually walk into a wall. I would like some flat shoes for my wedding, as you can imagine. I find it uncomfortable enough to wear heels to work. Like hell I'm going to wear them on my wedding day and potentially fall over in my dress, flash my sexy underthings to the world, or even worse fall over while trying to dance in them coupled with a cinderella dress. All the stores I went too either had winter boots or giant, over priced, monster heels. I am going to try looking again after winter. The whole experience left me pretty irritated though. I want the perfect pair of pretty flats (NOT BALLERIA FLATS!!) to complete my whole look. I've got a feeling that is going to be hard. Very hard. So hard I will probably have to go out to some weird special shoe store. Oh and did I mention I have size 11 feet as well? Yeah. Helps, doesn't it?

Anyhoo, after that fun experience, I went and saw Super 8 to finish my afternoon. It was an all right movie. A bit too young for me. But the was "okay" and I hesitate to even say that. It had good characters but it was SO UNREASLITIC. For example (SPOILERS PEOPLE!!) in one scene a man drives his car into the direct path of a train, it hits and explodes, derails the entire train, and then the kids magically find the driver ALIVE and covered in a little bit of blood and scratches STILL INSIDE HIS CAR which has been split in two. Right. Okay. So they expect me to believe that despite driving his car straight into an incoming train, his car exploding, and then the train derailing, this man is alive? and not even burnt to a crisp? Who the hell wrote this movie?

I did a post a little while back about fantasy and reality and asked the question how realistic should a fantasy be? I think realism should play a part. A story has to be believable regardless of what it is about. I don't care if the characters are talking teddy bears or are being chased by space aliens. If the story is not believable it causes the person to take a step back, shake their head, and say "That would never happen!" It is poor, lazy writing, folks. Poor.

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