Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I still haven't heard back from the editing department at Eternal Press. I asked around and got told to wait at least 6 weeks before emailing for an update. I don't know how many other things they have to edit. In the mean time, I've been constructing a playlist of songs to help inspire me to write. I find music a great way to get me into the mood to write. The right song is almost like a drug to me. I'll sit on my bed with my laptop on my arm waving my arounds around, lost in the beat, my brain swimming with images from my stories, like a music video. Since I write dark fantasy/paranormal romance, alot of the music I listen to has either a dark edge to it or an epic opera feel. I listened to the soundtrack of the Dark Knight for the first time today. The track "Why so serious" is an edgy, dark piece, that feels insane, perfect for the Joker. When I listen to it I am bombarded with images of some of my darker, more rebellious characters, like Hades, Pan and Zeus. Its an awesome track. Very rock and roll. Then there's X-Ray Dog "Dark Empire" which sounds like the themesong to a hollywood epic fantasy movie. Its hard to describe. But it fits my stories perfectly. Very epic. Lots of ups and downs. I also listen to "Destiny" by Vanessea Mae (jazz techno song that fits my story Deep Embrace perfectly), Whispers in the Dark by Skillet (which is a perfect match to all my stories including my own version of Whispers in the Dark), Phantom of the Opera (the lyrics match my concept of soul mates. I imagine Poseidon and Cleito singing the song), and the overtures to Phantom of the Opera and Jesus Christ Super Star which both conjour images of the Greek Gods dancing in Mount Olympus in my mind.

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