Friday, January 9, 2009

Brother Watch

My brother Ryan is coming home from London any day now for a two week hoilday. The little buggar has decided not to tell us when he's arriving. He sent us an email a week ago telling us "Goodbye" and that he will not be answering his phone or going online until he came home. He's going to try and sneak in the house and hide in his bedroom so he can surprise us in the morning. I was so convinced he was going to come home last night I kept waking up every couple of hours and glancing at the clock. I was so exhausted today my head felt like a balloon that was going to pop. I hate it when I wake up sleepy. It makes writing so hard. I sit in my room and stare at my laptop bleary eyed trying to ignore the pounding pain inside my head. Occasionally I will grumble and collaspe face first into my pillow in an attempt to have a sleep. The sun hits my side of the house which means my room is hot and bright during the day. So sleeping for me is hard if its not dark. Its damn irritating when my body wants to sleep but my brain won't turn off the lights because its too bright in my room. I end up lying in a heap on my bed with one eye cracked open wishing I was dead. So if you're reading this Ryan, this is all your fault! I hope you're having fun messing with our brains.

I still haven't heard back from the editing department of Eternal Press. They've released the line of books coming out this month and posted the front covers of the ones due out next month. I'm very happy to say the front covers are improving. I'm hoping I will hear back from the editing department soon. As for when Whispers is due out, I'm going to hazard a guess and say April.

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