Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just a quick little update

I've updated the photo gallery to show more pictures from the book trailer my sister Katie made for me. There's more pictures of my cousin Wendy (Echo), pictures of my sister Kelly helping with make up, and pictures of the actors who played Pan and Narcissus Alex Jenkins and Tamatoa Rima! Thanks for letting me use your pictures on my blog, guys! :)

I've also added a page with links to places Echoes in the Wind can be purchased. I'll be up dating that list as more sites pick up the book. I'll also be adding a page for reviews once they start coming in. And I'll be posting the actual book trailer onto the blog once I get my own copy of it.

In the mean time it is available for viewing on my sister Katie's YouTube page.

I'll like to post a link to another video Katie made that I like. She made it for a university assignment. Wendy is in it. They filmed it on the same day they filmed the trailer. Wendy is not being Echo in the film. She looked like Echo though. So, naturally, it made me think of my character. It could almost be a second trailer! The short film is very well done in my opinion.

Check it out!

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