Tuesday, March 6, 2012

JK Rowling to release adult book

Author JK Rowling is set to release a new adult book through her new publisher Little, Brown. See link:


This has got many people asking if JK Rowling can "pull off" an adult book which has me scratching my head. Why are people doubting this woman? She is the author behind the most successful book series of all time. She never let fame or fortune go to her head and somehow shouldered the pressure to not only finish the HP series (a massive feat in itself) but she also wrote damn good books.

I read once that when she was writing Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire that she got so blocked with one chapter she almost thought about breaking her arm to get out of writing the rest of it.

What does that say about the amount of pressure the poor woman was under? She had millions of fans on her back, a publisher and agent to please, and at that point a growing movie franchise depending on her finishing the books as well. There is even a Harry Potter theme park in America.

Somehow this woman did the impossible and finished her remarkable books. She managed to please her fans, her publishers, and help bring an end to one of the most successful movie franchises ever.

And now people are wondering if she can, I say in sarcastic quote marks, "pull off an adult book?"

She wrote the Harry Potter series! One of the remarkable things about her books, aside from her wonderful writing and imagination, was how she was able to draw in readers of all ages. I am still a rabid fan of the HP universe and would give anything to be able to visit the Harry Potter Theme Park in America!

This woman has sold millions of books to people aged from 5 to 90. Why are people asking if she can pull off an adult book? She has proven that she can write under extreme stress and attract a large fan base of all ages. I have no doubt that her new book will be full of the same killer sharp writing, great characters, hilarious wit, and an addictive plot.

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