Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My beautiful wedding

I got married last Saturday!! I spent the week anxiously watching the weather, which was predicting rain, but felt confident that "chance of a shower" meant that it would not rain at all or at worst in the morning or hopefully not even over the part of town we were getting married in. I woke up to blue skies after a rainy friday and felt joy streak through me. I was going to be able to get married in my beautiful park and have the photos there next to the glassy lake and old trees with their twisted roots!

As the morning grew late, the sky grew overcast, but I remained hopeful that it would not rain and would pass over. By the time the make up artist arrived I was in my parents bedroom anxiously calling the groom and asking him about the weather. "It's fine!" he said. "A little overcast! I think we're good to go." The plan had been to cancel the wedding in the park and move to the reception hall if it rained.

Cut to mid morning and I've checked the weather probably a million times and it has sprinkled a few times. Early afternoon hits and I'm in my dress and getting cuddles from the flower girl and bridesmaids and waiting for the photographer to arrive. He comes on time around 2pm and the heavens decide, an hour and a half before the wedding now too late to cancel, to open up and shit down upon us.

Not just a little rain. Oh no. It POURED. The rain came down in thick sheets that pelted the ground and ran in rivers down the street to the sewers. I stood in the front door of my parent's house in all my finerey and stared with a blank expression on my face out into the roaring rain and tried not to burst into tears. The limo driver, such a nice man, stood next to me telling me he had big black umbrellas and that rain was good luck! good luck! I hear some loud bangs and asked in a devastated whisper "Is that thunder?"
"No, no, love," he replied, his smile fixed on his face. "Just someone messing around with building supplies."

When we left the house to head to the ceremony (again too late to cancel) the entire bridal party huddled in the garage and stared out into the raging weather and all tried to pretend that while, YEAH, it was raining would be ALL SUNSHINE AT THE PARK!! I'm the first to huddle out to the car in my heels with my maid of honor holding up my skirt and the driver holding two umbrellas above me. I get in the car and sit on the back seat and watch with eyes swimming with tears as the other bridesmaids tottered out on their heels, smiles in place, and clambered into the limo. I almost burst into tears at this point and send my bridesmaids into a panic who look at each other with looks of UH OH HOW THE FUCK DO WE CALM HER? written on all over their faces.

Lots of phone calls to the groomsmen. "It's fine!" they say "A little sprinkling!" little did we know that it had rained there too, at that exact moment, and they were all trying to calm us down (LOL)something I would laugh about later. The drive into the city consisted of me constantly twisting around in my seat and looking behind my shoulder to see if we were leaving the dreaded rain behind. I started to feel a little twinge of hope at first...until I noticed a grey shroud hovering over Perth.

We go on a scenic route around Perth to waste time. We drive past Kings Park and notice another wedding, no shelter, standing out in the rain with umbrellas raised and my dad nudges me in the shoulder and says with a smile "Hey! at least we have shelter! Look at those poor people!" I smile.

We get to the park and it has stopped raining. I pick up my skirts and get out of the rain, carefully stepping over the swollen gutter, and gingerly step foot on the rain soaked ground. There are puddles everywhere. I know that I am going to get my $2,600 draped in the mud and I do not care. At that point all I want to do is get to that gazebo as quick as possible and out of the rain!!

I thought I would be nervous walking up the aisle but I was not. It did not enter my head at all. I thought when I saw the gazebo with its chairs and red carpet I would shake and quiver. I did not. I walked down that aisle with a big smile and my head held high. I was so happy to see my husband after our terrible morning. When I stepped into that gazebo and looked at him and all the groomsmen and suddenly all my panic lifted and I was happy...happier than I have ever been in my life.

The wedding starts and all the guests start blowing bubbles and the lift up in the air and swirl around the gazebo, white and glittering, and I am gasping and looking from side to side, happiness blossoming inside me, at this magical moment.

So despite the rain our wedding turned out to be lovely. We managed to get a few photos done in the park before the rain started up again and we had to change locations. The rain had made the park all green and glittering. The lake was glassy and the ground reflective. The grass spikey and wet. It was lovely. In nature like I wanted.

What a wonderful day!