Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What a year!!

I can't believe I haven't updated this blog in so long. It's been a busy year for me. My job contrac fizzled out so I got flung into unemployment limbo for a few stressful weeks, crawled out of that hole and into another job, I finished writing Echoes in the Wind and had the joy of it being rejected by a few publishers and I am halfway through a rewrite of my 2008 fantasy short story Deep Embrace. I am loving the rewrite of Deep Embrace. I've fleshed the story out to a novella and I'm having so much fun writing about mermaids. I'm channelling my childhood love for the Little Mermaid into Perse who is a butt kicking Oceanid Sea Goddess determined to rescue her fella from the God and Goddess of Darkness.

I've got plans to do some more editing on Echoes. I'm not totally convinced it will get published. It's in this terrible limbo area. It's too big to be a short story, barely big enough to be an e-book but too short to be a novel so that leaves me not alot of options. I think it's highly possible the story will just rot on my hard drive which is a little sad to me but at the same time I'm just glad I finished it. I had such a busy, stressful, weird year when I was writing it. The fact that I finished it at all is awesome to me.

Now what has next year got in store? I have decided to go back to writing novels. I am going to compress what was going to be a 7 book series into a one book series. I was going to write my own version of the Orpheus Greek myth but I have not made up my mind if it will be worth it or not. It will have a sad ending and my experiences with Echoes have got me wondering...are sad endings unmarketable? Do readers always want a happy ending?

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