Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Rejection

I'm not worried about Echoes in the Wind's marketability anymore. I got an email the other week from a publisher requesting a full copy of the manuscript. I was thrilled. I hadn't heard a word from them in over a month and had assumed that it was a rejection in the form of a no response. I thought it was my query letter. Instead of sending one with a short paragraph describing the book, I did something different and wrote one line describing the book and I attached a blurb and a synopsis. I was so happy when I got the request for a full. I had spent weeks agonizing over Echoes, wondering if it was marketable, and then out of the blue comes a publisher who I had written off wanting to see more. A publisher WHO DID NOT CARE that I had made Echo black, or that the ending was sad, or any of the other changes I made to the myth.

I got a rejection today, but I don't care. I'm happy. I have my confidence back. I just spent a good hour researching more publishers and I have already sent Echoes off to another one. If Echoes cannot find a publisher before I finish Deep Embrace, I will go through and edit it again, before sending it back out into traffic.

I've also decided to try and write a novel after Deep Embrace. If I can get it over 50,000 I'll be happy. I've learnt alot about writing over the past three years. I feel like I'm ready to go back to novels and write one that will not go rambling on for hundreds of pages like Atlantis Reborn and the Secret World did.

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