Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Is it wrong for writers to have dollar signs in their eyes?

EL James did a twitter Q and A recently and it went hilariously bad. People asked her why did she hate the English language, when was she going to write something original, questions about abuse, etc. I chuckled a little but I also felt kind of bad for her. It annoys me how she has giant dollar signs in her eyes. I realized a long time ago that the chances of making money from writing are pretty slim and that even if I did make it big the stress to constantly churn out multiple novels a year to keep me from sinking financially would be too much for me. So I write for fun. Writing is not a get rich quick scheme. That's not to say you can't make a quick buck...if you're not interested in writing anything of merit. A quick look on Amazon will show anyone that there is a wide variety of cheap smut out there like dinosaur porn! And you can do quite well at it. If you're willing to churn out piles of dog poop at a quick pace with no thought on quality just to cash in. So yeah... you can make money at writing but you're going to be a bit like Brian the Dog from Family Guy. Remember the episode where he writes a Get Rich book and it has five blank pages for people to write their dreams on? Yeah. Like that. So go ahead if you want. Write the quickest, shittiest you book you want and make a quick buck. But you're not going to earn a lot of respect from other writers and some readers. But I guess there's nothing wrong with wanting to make some money. But personally if I wanted to do a get rich quick scheme I could think of a dozen other things that are probably more easier than writing garbage and selling it on the internet. I don't think EL James is the worst writer ever. Her writing straddles the fence between bloody terrible and not that bad. What annoys me about her is how she got her start from fan fiction. Write something original Ms James. It's great you've had so much success with your books. But if you could just do something original than maybe people might back off you a little bit. But even if you don't you're still going to be laughing to the bank anyway. So while I may not agree with you 100% I do have to tip my hat to you for the success you've had even if your books are not my cuppa of tea.

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