Friday, October 31, 2014

Princess Zelda deserves her own game

I'm playing Hyrule Warriors at the moment and I finally got to a level which gave me the option of fighting as Zelda and she was awesome. She was light, graceful, and wicked with a sword. She really does need her own game. As I said in my previous post Zelda is not a weak damsel like Peach is. Zelda knows how to ride a horse and how to fight and is hard to capture and once she is free she will kick your butt with Link by her side. In more than one Legend of Zelda game she avoids capture for most of the game and is either off on her own adventure or trails Link in disguise.

A spin off just about her would be a great game. What does Zelda do on her own adventures? What is it like for her to walk around in disguise and avoid capture? How much does she know about Hyrule and its hidden wonders? Where does she go on her adventures? Tell us more about her background, her history, her powers. While we're at it lets expand on the character of Impa as well. She is another awesome strong character. What about her past? I want her to have a game as well.

A Legend of Zelda game that allows the player to play as someone other than Link probably will not happen because playing just as Link is tradition and I'm fine with that but Zelda is a great character and would work wonders as a main character. It would be great to have a game that stars a female character that isn't running in terror from monsters or winking at the camera as she waggles her butt at the enemies.

Swing that sword Zelda! Girls can be heroes too! We're not just decoration or damsels!

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