Friday, October 31, 2014

Carry Me Away has been downloaded 340 times

What an excellent result! I'm very happy that it has been received so well. It has been downloaded more times in the past two weeks than my other two stories have been in the last 5 months. Can You See Me Now and When I Look Into Your Eyes have both been downloaded over 200 times each since May which I was very happy about. In the past I would have been lucky to get 11 sales a month back when I wasn't publishing on Smashwords. It's amazing to think that so many people have downloaded my stories. I have started working on a new story that is similar to Carry Me Away but it has a bit more plot and will be a bit longer. I'm still working on a title at the moment I am calling it "The Midnight Visitor" for a working title. It is the first new story I have worked on since 2012. I've suffered a lot with writers block for the past two years. But thankfully that is behind me. I've had to do a lot of creative writing for university this year and it really kicked me back into gear again. I've learnt that it does help to write a plot summary and to have a basic idea of the bones of the book. I took a break from doing that because I felt like I was spending too much time world building and that my creativity suffered. I wanted to dive in and WRITE not spend weeks doing research. I admire writers who are good at world building and do put in that effort. There is a down side to not world building though and that is staring at a blank page and wondering what the hell you're going to write about. I wrote Can You See Me Now and When I Look Into Your Eyes without any clue what I was doing and they both turned out all right. It was fun watching the story develop naturally. I was the writer and also the observer. It was exciting to see twists develop on their own. But that sort of writing can also be really hard and more often than not leads to brick walls. I've found that I do need to know what I am going to write but it needs to be a tiny summary not pages and pages long. All I need is an idea. Then you plant that idea and watch is grow. It's much easier then having nothing to start with.

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