Thursday, September 15, 2011

Publish America wants you to like them

Remember a month or so ago when I blogged about Publish America offering to send unpublished manuscripts to JK Rowling and get her to critique them for a small fee? Not surprisingly, a shit storm erupted, because it was a pack o' lies people! Publish America did NOT promise to give anything to JK Rowling! They said that JK Rowling was from Edinburgh (known fact people) and that if she went to the Edinburh book festival there might be a chance that she might meet the people from Publish America and might agree to look at the books. See! They didn't promise anything! They suggest. They hint. They wink their eyes. But they never, ever, promise a thing.

Every now and again I go on their facebook page to see what sort of evil schemes they might be plotting and how many more deluded souls they have managed to hoodwink. Publish America must be slightly worried about their image because they ran a contest on their facebook page urging people to write in and say how much they love Publish America! the winner gets a $100 cheque in the mail!

I still do not understand why ANYONE would ever go with this publisher. All you have to do is a simple google search and you will get dozens of results screaming "THIS PUBLISHER IS A SCAM!!" I mean, Jesus, how much more of a red flag do you need? It's like the old saying goes...if it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, then its a freaking duck people!! Do your research. Do not listen to PA's poor attempts to show how much people like them (look! look! this person says we're awesome. It must be true) and go and talk to someone who knows the business.

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