Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Are bookcases going out of fashion?

IKEA has said that it is going to make its BILLY bookcase come with deeper shelves because it thinks that more people are using them for things like ornaments and photo frames instead of well...books.

Is the printed book slowly dying out? Will there come a time when shops no longer sell bookcases? I am a bit of an IKEA whore. I have dragged my poor, loving boyfriend to that store so many times. I have 2 large bookcases, 1 display cabinet, 1 lamp and 1 small bookcase. Yeeeahhh...I have alot. In my defense I actually use mine for books except for my display cabinet which is mostly for my Sailor Moon figurine and manga collection (Hey everyone needs a hobby).

I personally think that there will come a time when the printed book will become like records. You will still be able to buy them...but in specialty shops only. They will become conversation pieces. Quirky little things. I think ebooks are the future. I love my IKEA bookcases (if I did not have them WHERE would I put all my picture frames and candles as well??) what I do not like about books is how much space they take up in my house. I seriously cannot buy another bookcase. I have no more space for them!

Maybe IKEA is onto something here? Maybe people aren't using bookcases for books anymore. Or at least that is where things are headed.

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