Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Update on the Trolls

I posted a couple of weeks ago about the big shit storm that erupted after a self published author threw a hissy fit after getting a slightly critical review. I've been keeping tabs on the thing out of interest. This morning I checked her book on Amazon and someone had posted two pictures of big mounds of pooh on her Amazon page next to the front cover of her book. I was disgusted. Yeah, the woman acted like an unprofessional crybaby, but putting pictures of shit on her Amazon page is not only childish but its cyber bullying.

Eventually, all of this will go away, but in the mean time I feel sorry for the author. I thought all of this would have gone away by now. If I was her I would complain to Amazon and get the offensive pictures and "reviews" taken down. Most of the people who posted on her page did not even read her book. Most had read sample pages. From what I could gather very few had actually bought the thing. I have noticed that her book's ranking is getting higher. It's still very, very low, but it has been climbing the scales. Maybe in the end she will have the last laugh.

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