Thursday, March 17, 2011

Does writer's block exist?

A common question asked on writer's board is "Does writer's block exists?" writer's block is when an writer is just too mentally exhausted to be able to write another word. I believe it does exists. It happens to me all the time. It takes alot of energy and concentration to be able to write. Just writing a single sentence that makes sense and reads well can take alot of work sometimes. I've had days when all I can write is 200 words before my spark fizzles out. I could try and push myself to do more but I've found that is never a good way to do things. If I try to push myself I will end up writing crap or nothing at all. I only push myself to get through my writer's block when I have not even done a single sentence. I have a goal to write at least one paragraph a day. I usually average a page to half a page on a good day which is between 300 and 800 words. I think writer's block is just exhaustion. Sometimes the best thing to do is to accept that you have run out of ideas for the day and to back away from the computer. Do something else. Watch telly. Rent a movie. Play video games. Give your brain a rest. I think most people will find after they stop putting pressure on themselves they will be able to go back to their story and write again with much more success and enjoyment.

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