Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why didn't I build a website in 2009???

I wish I had started a website for myself back in 2009 when Whispers in the Dark was first published. The reason I didn't was because I didn't know how to use CSS and HTML back then (I do now thanks to a web design class at university) and part of me wondered if there was much point going to all that effort to advertise a short story. I should've done it anyway because now I have another book coming out and I feel stupid advertising Whispers in the Dark on a website now instead of doing it all the way back then. I did a web search before to try and find some of the reviews and could not find any, which I'm not surprised, considering how old they are now. Its irritating, it makes me feel like I'm floggging a dead horse, should I even mention Whispers in the Dark on my website at all? My writing has improved alot since then and its not like I made any money off the thing (not that I had expected to make any) I had a section for reviews and interviews on my website which I now have to keep empty until after Echoes in the Wind comes out. Its annoying because I managed to get some real good reviews. Oh well. Not much I can do about it now. I should've saved copies of the reviews to my computer. Live and learn I suppose. I won't be making those same mistakes again with Echoes in the Wind. I'm going to continue with my website and I will have Whispers in the Dark on it. I'll be glad once Echoes in the Wind comes out and it will be the main feature. Then it won't matter so much if Whispers in the Dark takes a step back. The annoying thing about not being able to show links to my reviews on my site is because it makes it look like I got none. Sigh. Like I said live and learn. I have a much more impressive book coming out soon that will make Whispers in the Dark totally forgetable.

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