Saturday, May 2, 2015

Who cares who shot first? Let it go already!

The Star Wars movies have come out on digital download and half of the reviews for the original trilogy are people bellowing on about how they are the special editions and "warning" people not to buy them. Oh please. Let it go already. Yes some of the additions to the trilogy were silly and served no purpose like changing it so Han shot second but continuing to whinge about it after all this time is so stupid. Just stop. Yes I think they should release the original versions. Maybe they will someday. But the special editions are not that bad. I loved them as a kid. I was a huge fan already when they came out and loved being able to see them in the cinema. I thought the additional scenes were mostly great. Some served little purpose, some were not that good, but others added a bit more flesh and colour to the films like the scenes at the end of the third film when you see people rioting and knocking down statues of the Emperor. The two biggest things that continue to bug me are how they changed the voice of Boba Fett (the original voice was WAY more sinister and less nasally sounding) and I did not like how they changed Anakin's ghost to be his younger self. That made no sense. Luke is smiling at him like he knows who this person is which is dumb because he looks nothing like the man who just died in his arms. Also why would Anakin appear as his younger self? as a kid I thought "Well, that was the last time he was "Anakin" I suppose..." but yeah, it was dumb. But you don't hear me still flapping my arms and going on about it to this day. It's amazing how loyal the fanbase is for Star Wars and it's going to be interesting to see how much they embrace the new films.

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