Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Super Mario 64 takes me back in time!

I've been playing Super Mario 64 on my Wii U and I've been having so much fun. It amazes me how well that game has aged and how much it still feels exactly the same to me as it did when I first played it maybe twenty years ago now? God was it really that long ago? The graphics are amazing for its time and it is stunningly creative even now. When I enter the castle and that music starts playing there is something about that room with the blue walls with white smiling clouds that makes me so fucking giddy. I've never actually 100%ed the game because I have a thing with not liking to do that with some games because you can only play something through once for the first time. If I never finish it then there is always something waiting for me to discover. I might actually finish it this time. I'm even getting 100 coins in each of the levels. I've never done that before. I love things that make me feel like a kid again. It keeps you young. It makes me happy. I never want to let go of that little girl. I hope she always stays with me.

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