Saturday, December 27, 2014

Bayonetta is an interesting twist on a strong female character

I bought myself Bayonetta in the Boxing day sales and just played 45 minutes of it for the first time. I already knew a bit about Bayonetta before hand. I knew she was over the top sexual to the point her actions in the game border on satire. Her body proportions are unrealistic. She has huge legs that go up to her arm pits and long arms. But that's okay. She carries guns in both hands and has some attached to her ankles. When she fights her clothes sometimes disappear and she goes completely nude. In one scene her clothes get ripped off her and she moans as her dress slides off her and her battle outfit appears. She has this one attack when she goes nude and her hair wraps around her body. I had my concerns before purchasing this game that Bayonetta's antics would add nothing to the game and just irritate me. But Bayonetta is different. She isn't just eye candy. She isn't a damsel in distress. She is strong, smart and powerful. She uses her sexuality as a weapon to distract her enemies. She is proud of how she looks. She struts around because she thinks she looks awesome. It's not to entice men. It's her saying "I am fucking great"

I saw a video on You Tube the other day of a 5 year old girl telling her Dad how she likes Princess Leia's slave costume in Return of the Jedi despite the fact that Leia is forced to wear it by Jabba. Her Dad tries to explain to her how it is bad to make her dress up like that against her will and that she would not like to be a slave. Her daughter says no, she would not like to be a slave, she would just get rescued and then would ask if she could continue to wear the dress. The comments in YouTube were as disgusting as you could expect full of trolls. A lot of them thought it was disgusting that the little girl thought it was okay to dress like Slave Leia and that she thought the look was pretty. Women should be more than eye candy for men. But then other people argued that the whole point of feminism was to let women decide for themselves what they wanted to wear without judgement from others. If that girl thinks that look is pretty and would like to dress like that then there is nothing wrong with that. She should be free to dress how she likes without judgement.

Which brings me back to Bayonetta. A lot of people think that Bayonetta is a bad role model for women because of how she dresses and acts but shouldn't Bayonetta, just like the little girl who likes Star Wars, be able to dress and act how she likes? I think people who have concerns about this game should play it for a little bit because they will see that this game is satire, for adults, and embraces both sexes.

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