Monday, July 28, 2014

Whinging Writers

Every so often a writer will soar to dizzying levels of fame and that causes other writers to moan and become really bitter and childish about it like the successful writer...cheated, or something? EL James and Stephanie Meyer are two of the most beloved and hated writers to come about for a while. I hated Fifty Shades of Grey (I did read it to the end though) but I loved the Twilight books (despite their flaws)

I was on a blog the other day reading about the new trailer to the Fifty Shades of Grey movie (which I admit I will go and see out of curiosity if it is better than the book)one person in the comments started complaining about how it wasn't fair that their writer friend was languishing in obscurity on Amazon while EL James and Stephanie Meyer continued to rake in the cash.

I'll admit it is annoying that EL James is making money off a badly written piece of fan fiction but she did not cheat or con her way to the top she got there all on her own even if I find it slightly questionable ethically that her book is based so much off Twilight. I don't judge her for her success. She has earned it. She wrote a book that appealed to a lot of women (and conned the stupid term "Mommy Porn" - vomit)

At least with Stephanie Meyer she wrote an original piece of fiction that was not a piece of fan fiction. One of the things I like the most about her books is one of the things people hate the most. I love how her vampires glitter. Think about it. They look like porcelain gods and they use their supernatural beauty to lure people close and then CHOMP they have their dinner. What I didn't like about their vampires was how they didn't have fangs. That was dumb. I think a lot of people hate on the Twilight books a little too much and chose to view the books through weird coloured lenses. When I read the books I didn't see an abusive relationship. Yes, Bella was way too attached, but I didn't think Edward was bad or creepy like so many other people do. I certainly did not think the book was overly sexual. If anything the books were tame as shit. They barley even kissed until they were married for Christ's sake.

I really hate it when other writers whinge that it's not fair that they haven't been successful yet. It's childish and annoying. If you have not been discovered yet work harder at writing a better book and then get out there and market the hell out of it.

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