Saturday, January 26, 2013

The power of negative words

Have you ever stopped and thought what a powerful word the word fuck is? No, really, think about it. It can mean dozens of different things. Add it onto another word and it can mean even more things. It can be both a negative word and a humorous one. Fuck a duck. Fuck wit. Fucking A. That's fucked!

It is labelled as one of the most unacceptable swear words and yet it is probably the most common word in the English language. Isn't that strange? That a word that is the most common can also be the most unforgivable? Fuck doesn't offend me that much. I hear more often in causal conversion then I do in moments of anger or violence. It's really made me immune to it. Cunt, though, I don't like. It's a lot harsher sounding and can only be used for one thing only: to degrade a woman.

What about the word nigger? That's another powerful word.

Should writers be able to use these words in fiction? I think so. Words cannot hurt you. They are just words. Censorship is wrong. In a free society writers should be able to write whatever they want - as long as they are not breaking the law! And by that I mean have not plagiarized another work or portrayed a real life person in a negative light.

I always find it funny when movies and TV shows blur out an actor's mouth when the script calls for them to swear in addition to beeping out the word. What is the point of blurring their mouth? Oh god forbid we see their lips shape the word "Fuck"

Somebody think of the children!

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