Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Man believes he is Hitler's grandson

I stumbled across a fascinating article this morning. Philippe Loret was told 40 years ago by his father that his grandfather was Hitler. And man...check out his photo. All I've got to say is...FUCK. The man looks a lot like him. It's all in his eyes and in his nose. He has the same dark, piercing, slightly insane stare. Even his ears look similar. I wonder if this guy has ever seen Star Wars? If he has he must have really sympathized with Luke when he found out Vader was his father! It's totally the same situation! Being the grandson of Hitler is like being the grandson of Vader. I wonder if Philippe went 'Nooo....noo...it's not true!" When he found out. I probably would have. All jokes aside, I can't decide if having Hitler as a family member would be something I would share with others or not. It would be scary and weird knowing that a family member of mine (and one not that far removed!) did so many horrible, horrible things. I would not be proud of it and would not bring it up for conversation. I certainly would not hang pictures of him in my house. Philippe says that he has pictures of Hitler up because he is a family member and he has accepted it. I think it's a little tasteless. The man was pure evil. If I was his granddaughter I would probably keep the knowledge to myself and just a few other close people. I don't believe in silly things like "evil" running in families. I wouldn't think that just because Hitler was a mad man that I would be destined to try and rule the world as well. Nah. I would accept he was family...and leave it at that. I'll say one thing for Philippe. His family line (while disturbing) is fascinating. It would make a great movie one day!

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